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MT Nesters Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Join us as we discuss Wendy's journey from Hedge Fund lawyer to Executive Director of one2one USA.  Learn how it feels to give back and join the bright side (   

Jan 26, 2022

Dr. Shawne Duperon has been around the block. With 6 EMMY Awards, a social reach in the millions each month, and even a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, her focus is leaning into experiencing exquisite joy in life.  Please join us as we learn to forgive, move on and as a result live happier lives. 

Dec 8, 2020

Join as we discuss with internationally known Author Amy Morin, the 13 things mentally strong women do not do.   These tips will help you to succeed in work and life!  EMpty nester or not you can benefit from the sage advice of therapist turned author Amy Morin.